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Who We Are

Our Mission

We are a full-service event production company, based in Florida, with offices in Miami and Orlando.  Innovative Minds exists to heighten the sensory experience of all of the events we become a part of.


Our greatest desire is to AMPLIFY YOUR MESSAGE by building off of our company pillars:



Our dependable rigging solutions employ unprecedented innovations that reduce setup and dismantle times, as well as offer flexible creativity in event design.

Project Management

We are committed to providing quality and consistent project management and labor focused on the successful execution of your event.

Audio / Video

Whatever the venue or production, Innovative Minds audio & video systems set the standard for the industry.

Creative Consultants

Event production takes on many forms. Often it is associated with decorations, audio visual equipment, catering, tables and chairs, logistics and expenses. Innovative Minds is changing that notion. Our passionate media team takes pride in providing custom solutions that are intentional and effective. We thrive on enhancing the sensory experience which makes your event look, sound, and feel unique. Each decision – from inception, design, pre-production to execution – is made with the goal of making sure your event yields the highest impact.

Imagination. Whether your event is a family celebration, corporate meeting, or large-scale festival, it started as an idea. A dream; a vision. Let us imagine together. Dream together. Vision together.

Strategic Planners

We start with a blank piece of paper. Soon enough it becomes a sketch, a prototype, and a proposal. Using modern show production design technologies and methods, we create design concepts based on your ideas and vision. Combine this with our experience in the industry and you get a solid, effective design that is the foundation for your event.

Logistics, branding, messaging, and budgets. These are some of the key elements of our pre-production methodology. Innovative Minds not only provides AV solutions, we can support you and your team with solutions, such as: permitting, venue logistics, catering, advertising, production schedule, and much more. All this with the same intentional approach developed during inception and design phases.

Technical Experts

Events often have changes and last-minute modifications. This is the nature of event production. No need to panic, we will find a solution. Calm, collected, and focused, Innovative Minds is ready to take on these challenges.

CEOs and private clients alike rely on Innovative Minds to provide the perfect framework to deliver high-impact experiences consistently. From the moment we start loading in to the moment we finish the event, we will be dedicated to making sure success is delivered. Innovative Minds is consistently updating and upgrading our equipment to provide the best in state-of-the-art gear for our clients. Media production is constantly evolving and growing. We want to stay competitive and current in keeping up with the latest trends I our industry.

Meet Our Team


David Valencia



Alejandra Torres

Special Projects


Isaac Vallejo

Creative Services


Nina Garcia

Office Manager

Production & Design

Jorge Sanchez

Giancarlo Figueroa

Frank Gallardo

Luis Fernando

Sammy Reyes

Megan Couser


Events Setup


Average Area Built



Corporate Clients

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Reach Out To Our Team

Whether you have a new event coming up or you just want help planning for a new venue, contact our team for help.

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